Arch Enchantment
Enchantment Custom Wood Arches are made to the window shape to insure a perfect fit. All arches are manufactured by computer and detailed by hand to insure a high quality product to enhance any interior.

All products are fabricated from medium density fiberboard (MDF). MDF is epoxy bonded wood that is very stable and resistant to warp. Arches are designed with 1 1/8” overlap around the window opening and a unique 2 ½” bottom transitional frame that covers the blind headrail or extends from the shutter frame offering a complete look. The overlap insures that irregularities in the sheetrock are covered.

Enchantment Custom Wood Arches are mounted outside of the window opening to the sheetrock. Arches are predrilled with inset mounting holes and mounted to the sheetrock with #6 sheetrock screws with a button cap to cover. Arches are easily installed in minutes and simple to remove without damage to the sheetrock.

Inside Mounting Strips
This product is used for inside mount of arches without the use of brackets. It is a flexible, predrilled strip that mounts inside the window first for quick installation.

Slatburst Arch

Blackout Arch

Operable Slatburst Arch